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My Speech

Hello and welcome to my web page. This site is about my attepmt to re-educate the Amerian populous who belive that forign films are not worth taking the time to watch because the are subtitled or because they are not and american film.

To start my site I am going to start with what is in my oppinon one of the most misunderstood types of forign film, Japanese anime. One of most popular beliefs is that anime is a Japanese porn or the such, which is 90% false anime is not porn or anthing like it. Infact it is one of the greatest expressions of an indivuals artistic endevers. As well as being a complete portal into another world. Because anime has no real live actors they worlds that can be explored are not limited to the enviroment that we as human are bound to. So weather it be Disney animation or be it Japanese anime, it is all amaxanin a worthy of being reconized for the good that it is.







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